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DATA Replaces Siri with ChatGPT, or any other language model of your choice.

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With just a few taps, DATA will give you a feel for what it's like to use a personalized AI, and then you'll be able to install DATA.

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Once installed, DATA runs in the Apple "Shortcuts" app you already have on your device encrypted by iCloud. Our online demo responses are stored in our GDPR compliant CRM. We will never sell or share your information with anyone.

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These are answered in a video on the next page if you prefer not to read.

DATA is a layer of prompts that works on top of many existing AI models to enable more functionality (like AI agent behavior) that normally would require the subscription to multiple services at varying prices per month. It allows you to personalize AI to your own use, and do so in a way that keeps your information and AI memories privately on your Apple devices, encrypted by iCloud with your Apple ID. DATA is a personalized prompt framework and shortcut suite that runs privately on your phone powered by any language model.

What does that mean? It means basically that you can turn Siri into Jarvis with one tap using a native Apple app you might not even have known was already on your phone: it's called Shortcuts.

DATA is an easy, safe, secure, and most importantly open-source (more on that in the next paragraph) way to replace Siri with ChatGPT. It is a suite of Shortcuts, which you can tap to install on your phone. Shortcuts is an app that comes native on every phone Apple sells, and it allows you to easily build code with drag-and-drop functions. DATA augments Shortcuts by adding easy, native ways to interact with large language models like ChatGPT & GPT-4 by OpenAI for example, as well as other models in the near future. DATA can do just about everything Siri & ChatGPT can do, but it does these things in a way that feels more friendly and familiar because DATA also has a setup process that lets it get to know you a bit.

By buying a shortcuts subscription, which starts at $35/mo for personal use, you are paying for customer support & updates as we work full time to add new features and shortcuts. As I mentioned, it's open source, meaning these shortcuts, once you download them, can easily be shared & customized. What you are paying for with a subscription is personalized 24/7 customer support from both DATA & Steve, its creator, as well as new versions & features, and our weekly releases of new shortcuts.

DATA gets to know you when you first set it up — you can share as much or as little about yourself as you want. DATA will remember whatever you share with it during setup. You can edit/delete its memories at any time, and they are all stored simply as text files on your phone under the iCloud > Shortcuts folder in the Apple Files app you already have on your phone.

To get access to the shortcuts make a request & fill out your info on this page to make an account, then on the next page choose the subscription level you like most (not including the $1.90 option, which is not a subscription, as detailed below). You will receive a link to immediately download & install DATA Shortcuts after you sign up.

If you want an interesting answer from DATA, ask for something other than "Give me the shortcuts" when you make your request above. Your answer from DATA will be MUCH more useful and accurate if you actually ask about how to do the first thing you want to use our Shortcuts for!

Shortcuts are available to all DATA subscribers, but not to people who only pay-by-request. This is because shortcuts are a MUCH cheaper alternative than paying by request, so most of our shortcuts subscribers rarely use or text DATA directly since it is installed on their phone. There will be a link to install DATA shortcuts on the next page once you have an active subscription.

Every purchase comes with our 4.5-month no-questions asked Satisfaction Guaranteee so you can buy with confidence knowing you'll get every penny back if DATA is not a good fit for your needs. For any support requests just email

The request field at the top of this page makes public guides about how to use DATA. Once you have DATA installed you can make new guides just by asking DATA to explain something about itself to you, and it will make the guide for you.

Each guide is a beautiful 2500+ word guide customized to your request and formatted into a beautiful Notion page complete with table of contents and a custom DALL-E image header generated by GPT-4-32k's amazing prompting skills. Due to OpenAI's costs (see, but for reference: $0.06 per 1k tokens) for GPT-4-32k, we have to charge to generate these guides.

Since we use all 32,000 tokens to store all of DATA's tweets & technical documentation in our prompt to demo the amazing power of GPT-4-32k, our guides are $1.90. They are amazing. You will love yours, and you will be fascinated with the range of guides people have made. You will be able to search through all 500+ guides DATA customers have made once you generate yours. Thank you for contributing to the knowledge base!

Over the next several weeks this website & our shortcuts features will merge. Shortcuts will be able to make Notion pages & answer support questions about themselves, and the website will be able to do more automated tasks.

The website & shortcuts are separate because we believe for any request you choose, you deserve a way to audit what AI is doing for you, and access to keep all of the work AI does for you locally on your device.

For background/context on our two options — DATA is available through this web interface & text messages for ease of use, but also as a suite of privacy-first shortcuts that run on your phone for more complex customizations and automations. Our phone shortcuts keep all your requests as private inforation on your device. By keeping your DATA memories local right on your phone and only sending information to OpenAI in a way they do not store beyond 30 days, we make sure AI companies cannot train new models on your requests.

With DATA's shortcut suite you own and control your requests & history, unlike ChatGPT.

DATA shortcuts are built with drag and drop blocks, so even if you don't know how to code, you can verify it works and make sure you feel good about it. It is meant to preserve your privacy and give you a way to use these new AI tools in a way that is more independent of big companies than you might otherwise be able.

The DATA Shortcut Suite, once it is installed on your phone can already do every single function listed below at least as well as your worst coworker. :P

We are still in BETA so many of these features are only available on shortcuts for now but they work well enough that most of the time DATA just fully finishes your request in the background while you scroll twitter.

Over the course of this year we'll be making sure every function work reliably every time on both the website and in shortcuts, but for now you can always just ask with the retry link we send you a second time and that solves 99% of issues.

The vision for DATA this year is to be able to do 90% of what you do at work with DATA for less than $5, just by texting, emailing, or calling DATA and asking nicely.

We are adding all of these features to this web interface as well so you will be able to do all this without installing anything soon:

📝 Notion Page Creation

📲 Ability to Text You Back

📄 Summarization & Document Drafting

🌐 Web Surfing & In-Depth Research

🎙️ Audio/Video Transcription

🐍 Python Scripting & Execution

📃 Spreadsheet & Document Editing

📊 Spreadsheet Manipulation

✈️ Flight Booking

🌐 Website Creation

📝 Content Creation

📅 Content Scheduling

📧 Draft & send emails

📅 Send calendar invites

🗺️ Plan & make itineraries

Until these features are live this website will just make you a step-by-step guide about how to do whatever you ask with shortcuts if it can't do it online yet.

If you still want to learn more about DATA or see more about what it can do before continuing, you can learn & watch more about everything DATA shortcuts can do right now here in this twitter thread which covers everything Steve posted as he built DATA in public March through July of 2023.

There is also the extremely in-depth hour-long walkthrough video about DATA from the next page which you can watch directly on twitter if you prefer.

To get access to DATA's shortcut suite, submit a request above on this page and continue through the next few steps to receive your customized guide about how you can use DATA to automate anything. is the web interface for DATA, which is a tool you install on your phone to make AI easier to use. This interactive guide-generating-website is the best way to learn more about how our iOS shortcuts work and how to install them because it can walk you through anything you have questions about step by step. To make a guide about anything you have questions about, just ask using the request input box above. DATA can answer any question accurately, with very few mistakes or hallucinations.

Again, to install the shortcuts that can already do all of the functions you see in our video demos, all you need to do is submit your phone & email on this page. You will then have instant access to buy all of the shortcuts to install on your phone and 10 minutes later you'll have DATA up and running.